Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

In today’s age, more and more single women are turning to online dating. It makes sense. We’re living busier lifestyles and work schedules, so finding the time to actually get out there and maybe meet people is kind of strenuous and time consuming. Since we’re already finding ourselves on our computers, however, online dating seems to be the easier choice in balancing work and a potential relationship.

There are a few things to consider before embarking on the online dating journey. For starters, it’s important to note that some are there for similar long-term intentions. Others, perhaps for shorter, more risqué reasons. (Although I’m not sure why you would pay a monthly fee to booty-search, but that’s just me.)

As it becomes less and less taboo, online dating is still a topic of debate amongst busy, working individuals. Should you, or shouldn’t you?


Online dating is obviously very different from offline dating. You aren’t casually meeting each other between rounds at a bar. You aren’t being set up at a friend’s wedding because you’re the “last of the single friends.” You aren’t reaching to grab the same book at your local bookstore with Taylor Swift’s something or other playing in the background. (Has that ever happened in real life?) Instead, you’re in full control of who you meet. Online dating is as easy as clicking “next” if ever you come across a profile that reads like “30 Year Old Male. Love chillin’ with friends. Swag like Caesar, YOLO.” It’s a nice amenity, as opposed to real life, in which we unfortunately have to go through a couple dates to figure out our prince charming is nothing short of a parents’ basement-living loser.

(Photo, via Nsmbl)

(Photo, via Nsmbl)

Everyone is single. Everyone. You don’t have to give every guy you find attractive a ring-check before striking up conversation. You can also specify the age group you’re looking for. This is especially nice for the “just entered the working world” girls, who find themselves working alongside men aged 35 and up.

If things don’t work out with your online date in real life, you can walk away without having to mend relationships. Say you were set up at a friend’s wedding. There will never be that awkward tension of “we tried dating once and it didn’t work out so now everything is awkward in my friend group.” You also don’t have to resort to dating anyone in your office. Apparently, that can also be very awkward.

If you’ve just moved to a new area for a job, chances are, you don’t really know anyone. With online dating, you get to meet a ton of new people. Some sites even offer meet-ups!


If you’re still finding the whole concept to be a bit taboo, concocting a story of the way in which you and your new beau met can be a daunting task. On one hand, you don’t want to have to lie, but you also don’t want the world to know you subjected yourself to online dating, assuming you find it embarrassing.

(GIF, via

(GIF, via

Unlike in real life, where you get to see the way a person really looks by, you know, looking at them, online dating doesn’t give you that luxury. When it comes to delving through photos after photos of potential suitors, there’s that possibility that said photos are from five years ago. Personally, unless you look a hundred times better these days than you did back then, essentially lying about the way you look is completely unethical.

There’s that fear of “what if we don’t hit it off in person?” You’ve crafted the perfect back and forth e-mails, you think about them every day, you’re dying to meet them face to face. When it comes time to do so, however, you’re worried that there will be nothing to talk about and that the chemistry solely exists online.

What do you think? What are some pros and cons of online dating that you’ve come to know?

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  • J L

    “Everyone is single. Everyone. You don’t have to give every guy you find attractive a ring-check before striking up conversation” LOL…how wrong you are on that one. I have weeded out a few married or attached guys I have met on dating sites, sadly.

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